Sunday, January 30, 2011


pagi2 bukak tenet..ofcoz bukak fb dulu..pastu my 2 main email..pastu iclass..pastu bla bla bla...
masa kat home page yahoo, ternampak satu article nie:

Jothys Fish Head Curry Restaurant claims it has suffered losses as a result of a blogger’s negative postings. (Youtube)
An angry director of a fish head curry restaurant in Kota Kinabalu is suing Internet giant Google and a Malaysian blogger for alleged defamation.
Tharumraj Sivaperumal, director of Jothys Sdn Bhd, filed a RM6 million (S$2.1  million) civil suit against blogger Poh Huai Bin and the California-based Google Inc at the Kota Kinabalu High Court on Monday.
According to Malaysian newspaper The Star, the suit alleges that defamatory statements were made about Jothys Fish Head Curry Restaurant by Poh in May last year. The company is seeking exemplary or punitive damages and an order to restrain the blogger from defaming the restaurant online.
The company claims that the alleged dafamatory statements published by both defendents would be injurious to its business, and is also seeking an order from the court to remove the offending articles from Google and other popular search engines used on the Internet.
Tharumaraj said he felt very let down at Poh’s demeaning of his fish head curry and banana leaf restaurant. The blogger, who now lives in Kuala Lumpur, had urged people to “avoid it like a bad case of herpes”.
Adding that he did not know the blogger, Tharumaraj said, “There were many people who posted positive things about my restaurant in his blog but it was removed and only the negative chats were kept.”
But why sue Google, and not other search engines?
Tharumaraj claimed that the offending blog does not appear immediately on other engines but shows up first on Google search.
He claimed that his company’s restaurants had been affected, both locally and internationally, and that the company suffered losses and damages as a result of the defendants’ actions.
In addition, the plaintiff maintained that the restaurant, which opened in 1987, was known around the world and had been reported as a popular destination in Lonely Planet a global TV and book series which is an authority for tourists throughout the world.
The company added that Google conducts business within the jurisdiction of Malaysian courts by reason of the fact that its search engine is used regularly by Internet users in the country.
According to a Google spokesperson in Kuala Lumpur, the company could not comment on cases under litigation.

~ tetiba  rasa takut lak nak komen2 dalam blog..kan ke aku nie rajin (sangat ;p) post entri berkaitan makanan..huhuhu

uish..orang sekarang nie main saman2 je ek RM6 M kau..kayo pakcik..
so careful ek korang..maybe boleh komen -ve but jangan melebih-lebih la ye..
just mention kat situ "my opinion" sebab sesetengah orang tak sama taste ngan kau kan.
ade yang "mmm..acceptable quality"
ade yang "not bad la"
ade yang "its so @#$%*. my throat cant accept it! damn!"

so behave urself.. (tetiba)

k la..mau godek2 post lama aku...ade ke aku komen @#$*&%?
kang kena saman, mau sume bulu2 ku cagarkan..upsss ;p

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