Friday, July 24, 2015

Karangkraf mall attack

My colleagues told me about the RM5 promo. So this is happening.hahaha

If bought it via online, it will be RM5 each. But you have to bear the shipping charges which will cost you depends on the weight.

But, if you go to Karangkraf mall in Shah Alam, each book will cost you RM6.

I love reading. Hence, i just read whatever book i had even the recipes.hehe. so i don't have a particular writer that i like.
Bought the books base on my instinct. Ppffft...

Read through & when i don't like the style of writing or the lame stories i will skip it to the end. Go to the next book. End story. Wahaha

So, whoever likes reading go there guys. Worth buying.

Old: All 7 books RM5 each
New: Cinta atas kertas RM35 - 25% discount

Still good deal right :)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Salam Aidilfitri 1436h

Assalamualaikum, salam Aidilfitri to all :)

Too many things happen during Ramadhan and Raya this time round.

Well lets just move to my raya. Haha
This time, father success to divert my attention to the most interesting activities. Catch fish!! Of coz not me being the one who jump to the pond. Pppfttt  :p

We do celebrate like others. Salam-salam, visit and all. The next day is time to dried up the fish pond. More than a tonne of fish being sold which a lots of $$$ eyes started to come out. Yes paksu, I can see your eyes rolling & drooling. Wahaha

The rest we do bbq and 'patin asam pedas' menu for our lunch. I really love family bonding. ♥♥ enjoy the raya too guys !

Only men 

Even ayah
is on puasa 6, he still strong to join the crowd. 

Some rohu, patin & haruan

this only a batch. pheeww..

haha. The best pix ever. Muhammad & hippo :p

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Padang pasir pantai klebang, Melaka

Some amateur photo shoot to share. I just ♡ the scenery.

Iman just woke up. Thus the lazy-to-walk mode is on. So paksu had to carry him till his mood ok :p

Play mode is on. Bye-bye mommy! -____-

Mommy: iman, come here baby!
iman: lalalalalalala. Build castle.lalalalala ♧☆◇
Mommy: grrrrrr

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gua tempurung

Alhamdulillah. Another cave to the list.hehe
Never been there even my 'kampung' is around, 

Even the cave distance is shorter than Gua Niah. But the experience is really different. Got wet and dry path, slide 75 degree, entering 'mouse hole', crawling in the water, enjoying dark moment in the cave. Make me feel how silly we are cause all this time we are not visiting here. PERAK is awesome :))

We start somewhere around 10am. Since it is school holidays, the crowd are really big.
We join trip no 3. Top of the world. Sorry iman. Again, stay with nenek. Hehehe
First path was walking through the stair case for about 500 metres. Then goes down and the challenge is about to start.

We lucky enough as i bring 2 bodyguard :p The crowd is huge about 60 pax and it really takes time to wait for others. For half of the trip we follow these 2 unpaid guard. Haha
And join another small group with their professional guard of course. We never been here, so don't expect we hustler enough to know the path ya :p

A day package. 
We choose Top of the world (wet)

Additional activity 

Prove! :p 

with tax people. Haha

Unpaid guard :p

Huuu..blur pix 

We made it! at the finishing gate

The shock moment while we captured picture at the finishing gate. Suddenly a voice from behind 'Beri laluan! Beri laluan!' There are 3 firemen carried something that very long.
When I turned, its a COBRA!! Oh my, lucky we save. Alhamdulillah.

Very greeny right? I like. hehe.

OK. till next trip ya :)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Noodle boat

I kept seeing people post about boat noodle. Small portion and cost you for only RM1.90/ bowl. Well, a must food testing mode is on!

We went to Ikon mall in Connaught.
Almost close but the staff still with smile welcomed us.

The menu already have a simple advice for newbies like me. Kind of what to try? how many bowl should i order? Well, i love noodle boat as they really understood us well. Hahaha.

Anyway, for me, all noodles taste about the same. Just little bit spicy for some. But they still delicious and the tea too. Yummy. Guys, you should try it okay :)

The menu

Little bos making order

we took 4 types of boat noodles. Yummeh ♡

oh. Thanks sweetheart ♡