Friday, December 12, 2014

When your ex call..

Oh my! That is the first impression when my ex CFC (Chief Finance Controller) called. I was like, oh my, what she want? Did she dial the wrong number? Lots of question in my head before i decide to pick up her call.

Its been more than 4 years i leave the company & seldom keep in touch with her. Unless when we met, we just say hi!

I'm feel so small when i talk to her. It is because i adore how she works. Her knowledge, experience, solving big finance issues, good in sharing info with people, deal with corporate people, protect her own team (even when i am the only Malay staff in Finance) etc2. In fact the whole team i must say. They can fight when it comes to work, scream from each cubicle, but yet they can go dinner chillin in Pavillion together. Profesional is what i learn. Oh, how i miss them :'(

Okay. Back to the call, its a prove that when you maintain a good relationship with your ex company, ex colleague, it is easy for you to build your network. Though you resign, it doesn't mean you can just leave the shit! Some people i met, simply quit after get their salary. Typical thinking that the company wont sue them as it is wasting of money and time. Yeah, maybe its right. But apparently you have leave the bad reputation in your future network!

Well, thanks a lot Ms YYC for the career advise and opportunity. I'm pretty sure i miss working with you ♥

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The time traveler's wife

Finally manage to watch the movie after a few years been searched for the books and cd! I know the movie since 2009. Ppfftt :p

Download from internet. Lolz

Well, not that bad. Beginning is quite boring.
Ending is interesting and leave me hanging with what gonna happen to them onwards.haha

No such thing, right? But deep inside i do believe with Allah's will. Kun fayakun, remember? :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

New book

Yeay. New books for Iman!

Aim for monthly basis: at least a book in a month :)

He loves book a lot which mommy like it. I have partner in crime when it comes to reading :p

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ittarakimas :-)

Lama pulak tak post pasal makan. Haha.
Tapi kali ni datang mood nak share makanan japanese plak.

Kali ni kita lunch kat clubhouse Tropicana Golf sebab dekat dengan office.

Tak banyak ambik picture sebab bos dah malu-malu ayam semua sibuk amek pix. Kikiki.Tapi tetap sporting offer mak pinjam iphone 6 + die. Kagum ngan pix die. Cantik. Clear.

What i had? Sizzling seafood bento.
Rasa? Okay la. Seafood all fresh. But serve with nasi goreng?? Lost all my japanese style :p
Price, RM65++ for a meal

Kalau kat japanese restaurant kita order hot tea je (RM4) tak cara la minum blended.mihmihmih

Kenyang sampai ke malam & i managed to skip my dinner. Bagus. Diet? Bring it on. Puii

Now dapat AM yang kaki makan (kaki ye bukan kuat makan), satu kepala. Kami memang suka try makanan baru. Like masuk mall ni, emm..kita makan tempat yang tak pernah makan nak? Jawapan dua-dua ok tu yang best. Tak memilih & skrg dah diturunkan ilmu pada Iman. Mamat tu bape bulan mak die dh sumbat sushi (not a raw one of coz!),  spagethi, pizza, korean food. Alhamdulillah tak memilih :)

Nanti la kerajinan nak post makan datang, mak share ye. ♡

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kalau ada ilmu..

Kalau ada ilmu agama yang cukup, bab-bab nafkah anak di Malaysia @ di mana-mana tak perlu dibahaskan!

Ilmu dan undang-undang Allah swt tu dah cantik dah. Nak bertekak di dunia takde masalah, akhirat nanti perhitungan yang lebih mustahak.

Moga kita semua tak digolongkan dalam golongan yang memperlekehkan undang-undang Islam dan hanya menyokong undang-undang manusia.

Begitu juga pasal kes gender bebaru ni. Hmmmm..sedih

Just for quick info (untuk artikel ini):
SEMUA/ SEGALA keperluan anak merangkumi MAKAN, PAKAI, TEMPAT TINGGAL ETC di bahu BAPA!