Sunday, April 26, 2015

Training 2.0

Start onwards, Iman will forget about his milk bottle coz mommy had found new alternative to milk bottle free. Yeayy
Even during night time, he will be using it. Its trainer cup with anti spill of course :p
This young men love to throw and shake things!
He is 2 years now, lot of thing mommy need to train him. Slowly but surely.

~ x menyempat-nyempat

Iman's trainer cup collection: 

i. Little Bean - Rubber Coating Cup RM24.30 (for baby sitter)

ii. Dr Brown's - Training Cup RM31.70 (for home)

iii. Tupperware straw tumbler RM33 & Ikea brand trainer cup (for nenek's house)

Yes. Again, mommy don't like to carry many things. Those, Iman need a lot of collection ;p

For his dental, he is done with his first dentist checkup. And being such a good boy that day, he allow the doctor check his teeth. with a help: mommy's phone (-_-")  . His teeth looks fine and even doctor praise him.

I found this natural toothpaste that is safe to swallow. Iman yet to understand the concept of gargle and spit. So here we go, the blackcurrant flavour :) why la you sooo expensive small-tube-berry-paste?? It cost double or can I say it triple from my Colgate price.huuuu..

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Girlfriend day

It's girl outing day. Girl? Still applicable to us? Whatev :p
It was awesome performance from all the comedian. I was laugh like hell. Don't trust my 'feminine' face. Bahahaha

It was 'Lawakkerder' last day as the next week will be 'Baik Punya Cilok' turn. Really want to go but I guess I just can't. huuuuu

Friday, April 17, 2015


A month to go for our big day. Hoyeh.
This time round was double celebration as me and my sister graduate for the same course. Congrats to you!

Most important, bring the happiness to our parents. So, no excuse for dad who hate go for any event :p

Family reunion is what I love most.
Well, happy graduation all! ♥♡


Last week, the kids are having a blast.
If you see how iman active during that day, pheww..#urutdada
Keep on running, screaming happily.
Wow, you really know how to have fun ya son?

Since nowadays are too hot to bring the kids out. Mommy find another alternative, which is indoor activities. Normally I can bring them to Aeon / Tesco indoor game. But sometimes, there are too many kids, toys broken, not so clean. Some pee inside T_T. Noted ya parents, if your kids still under potty training, please wear them diapers first.
& even the staff there (some) just look at it and slowly get a mop to wipe it for granted. Huuuuu...

Well now, mommy find a new place which is much clean and hygiene conscious.
KIDZPARADISE. (Shud ask them commission. :p )
The most attract me to bring them was the 'sand' are actually from cassia seed. That really interesting. In fact, I'd join the party.hahaha

we will come again!

EXTRA INFO: don't forget to bring your sock

Rate and Charges
Admission (Per Day)
- Weekdays RM28
- Weekend, School Holidays & Public Holidays RM40
- RM150 Voucher - 6 Admissions On Any Day
- RM250 Voucher - 12 Admissions On Any Day, valid for 1 year
* All pass are valid for one year

chargeable to kids (6 month and above)

further info:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baby Fishing

This a game I just downloaded for Iman.

At first, he simply click on any picture without understand the rule.
& I only teach him one time. The next day, come to my impress, he start to know how the game played.

He click at the right picture! Bravo young man :D

I rarely give him my phone or tablet as I keep telling him, this is belongs to me. I don't want to spoil him with all the gadget thing. When he know it is belong to someone, then he learn to put a boundary instead of feel the power and full control on it. I'm really afraid of kids that super fanatics with all the technology. Really..they lost the connection with their loves one.

But still I don't want him to be lag when it comes to technology.

Super adore to parents that can balance their kids life. ♥♥

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Birthday - 2

Every single day since you was born, you’ve added something so amazing to my world that I can’t even imagine my life without you in it.

You make me stronger day by day & makes me a proud mom ever in this world. Thanks Allah swt for the happinest.

To Iman,

Happy Birthday my dearest son! 

Love you to the moon and back. 

May Allah swt protect you & lead you to become a good caliph for world and hereafter.

I pray hardly coz i believe on mother the most efficacious prayer. Amin.amin.amin



Friday, April 3, 2015

Panic shop? Naaa

This is what people call panic shop!

No more shopping for few months.. really? ( bosses eyes squint :p )