Friday, November 11, 2011

short notes

Its been a long time for me not to write anything..
after almost 8 months join the ‘better pay’ company.. now.. I jump again.. Smile errr…dunno whether to put big smile or T_T ..hahaha
its not a good record for my resume. no good.
Well, I do have a big reason why I leave the company. Life must go on. I need money to pay my car, house, loan, and food again..hehehe
Nonetheless, the most important thing is we gain as much knowledge as we can. Tried different line. Hoteling, Oil & Gas, Education, Real Estate, and now Construction in 8 years time. Well done lina!

The beautiful gift from awesome friends in 1MK. I really appreciate u guys.

err.. its supposed to be short notes. what the heck I’m doing ;p


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