Saturday, October 11, 2014

Iman first date movie

When people ask me to bring along my hero to a movie.  I just worried. Thinking that i might make the cinema upside down.haha..

But today, i just gamble and prepare what i should. You know, warm water, milk, bottle, pampers, towel, etc2.

We watch The Equalizer. Its an action movie. I like it coz my favourite actor. Denzel Washington is the hero :) you guys should watch this. Its simple movie with a simple action but make me shock coz i need to close my eyes sometimes :p

Its midnight movie. Iman was all happy panky go round the pop corn counter. During pregnancy i love to watch thrill movie & thought it shouldnt be a problem for him too.

First 15 minutes he is all fine. Then when he sleeping mode calling, he start to make a voice with a close eyes as usual -____-"
& mommy about to panic.

Quickly prepare his milk & Alhamdulillah he is all back to calm.

With the sound system that loud not even bother him to sleep until the end of the movie. Thanks to the aircond of course. Haha

Thank you honey. You made it. ♥

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