Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tips for cracked heel

I'm having problem with my cracked heel. It's too dry. Even my family having it. I think it's a genetic. Haha
I can say it's really bad coz sometimes i need to use nail clipper to get rid of those death skin. 😥
I have tried many tips even scrub it with a sand. Too many lotion failed. Traditional also out. Pedicure also can't help. Those machine also just waste my money.
Until, i'm accidentally use this lotion that i simply bought in Daiso coz my face skin are dry due to the cold weather in Japan.
Back here, i just kept it. It's happen when i can't find my normal lotion then i saw it. So simply apply. Too my impress,my cracked heel are started to feel smooth in just 2 days. Wow this is so amazing.
So now, I'm started using this 100 yen lotion. You cheap. I love you.hahaha
Feel so lucky when i saw you in Daiso Japan Mid Valley. So for those who have problems with cracked heel. You may try. It's still cheap tho RM5.30. But Daiso in Japan are cheaper. Kikiki 😜

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