Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mommy the Macgyver

Since i was small. I love to do men's work.   Too much influence from my big brother maybe. He like to modified his motorcycle. Or from my dad who love to watch Macgyver. Hence, aside of my barbies cartoon, satria baja hitam, moero attack etc,macgyver is a must watch drama every night. Haha 😂

From painting the house, repair the clogged sink, piping, assembled dissemble things, i got extra excited.

During weekend bought this Algot things from Ikea. Feels like got a new pressies. I will excitedly assemble regards the sleeping time had passed. (Bear in mind, i'm very punctual when it comes to my sleeping time :p )

This is so easy peasy.pppfffttt.. I guess will buy more from Ikea as they promoting DIY concept.
What? Repair your house?
Come to momma. Muahahaha

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