Friday, July 24, 2015

Karangkraf mall attack

My colleagues told me about the RM5 promo. So this is happening.hahaha

If bought it via online, it will be RM5 each. But you have to bear the shipping charges which will cost you depends on the weight.

But, if you go to Karangkraf mall in Shah Alam, each book will cost you RM6.

I love reading. Hence, i just read whatever book i had even the recipes.hehe. so i don't have a particular writer that i like.
Bought the books base on my instinct. Ppffft...

Read through & when i don't like the style of writing or the lame stories i will skip it to the end. Go to the next book. End story. Wahaha

So, whoever likes reading go there guys. Worth buying.

Old: All 7 books RM5 each
New: Cinta atas kertas RM35 - 25% discount

Still good deal right :)

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