Sunday, April 26, 2015

Training 2.0

Start onwards, Iman will forget about his milk bottle coz mommy had found new alternative to milk bottle free. Yeayy
Even during night time, he will be using it. Its trainer cup with anti spill of course :p
This young men love to throw and shake things!
He is 2 years now, lot of thing mommy need to train him. Slowly but surely.

~ x menyempat-nyempat

Iman's trainer cup collection: 

i. Little Bean - Rubber Coating Cup RM24.30 (for baby sitter)

ii. Dr Brown's - Training Cup RM31.70 (for home)

iii. Tupperware straw tumbler RM33 & Ikea brand trainer cup (for nenek's house)

Yes. Again, mommy don't like to carry many things. Those, Iman need a lot of collection ;p

For his dental, he is done with his first dentist checkup. And being such a good boy that day, he allow the doctor check his teeth. with a help: mommy's phone (-_-")  . His teeth looks fine and even doctor praise him.

I found this natural toothpaste that is safe to swallow. Iman yet to understand the concept of gargle and spit. So here we go, the blackcurrant flavour :) why la you sooo expensive small-tube-berry-paste?? It cost double or can I say it triple from my Colgate price.huuuu..

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