Thursday, October 24, 2013

Parents as icon

Thing that cross my mind after give birth to Iman is I want to give him the best that I can. From health, comfortability, taught and love. If I can give my 199%, I would sacrifies everything. 
But one thing for sure, thing that we cant neglect. As parents, we need to give our kids a good example.

If we expect our kids to perform solah, then we should start it early. If we expect kids to love reading, we should do the same. We don't want our kids to be smoker, then we shouldn't. Everything is simple as that. You lead, they'll follow.

Whatever we did even behind their knowledge,  sooner or later,  your kids will turn exactly like you.

So, note to all parents & especially me. Please BEHAVE! 

♥ We are not perfect. We do make mistake. We are not blaming. We are telling this is not right. When u can't accept it. U turn and say it's their fault too. MEAN u can't accept people taught on u. Whatever it is we learn. We forgive and may not forget. But we should appreciate what Allah swt has grant us ♥

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"Saya ada baca dalam tulisan uts.zaharuddin, ust mengatakan bila suami atau isteri melakukan maksiat walaupun ‘RINGAN2’ saja, pasti akan turun pada zuriat bila tak bertaubat. Apa tah lagi bila sudah biasa terjebak dlm zina. Mahukah kita hidup senang sedangkan warisan kita tak sempurna akhlaknya… warisan itulah yg akan HALANG kita dari masuk syurga malah diheretnya kita ke neraka.. Nauzubillah…."

What past is past. Most important when there's who can accept & forgive.  Learn from mistake & appreciate the second chance. This reminder is for us not to take things for granted when we raise the caliph of Allah. Stop from abuse ourself. Don't let disappointment make you far away from God ok :)  

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