Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gua tempurung

Alhamdulillah. Another cave to the list.hehe
Never been there even my 'kampung' is around, 

Even the cave distance is shorter than Gua Niah. But the experience is really different. Got wet and dry path, slide 75 degree, entering 'mouse hole', crawling in the water, enjoying dark moment in the cave. Make me feel how silly we are cause all this time we are not visiting here. PERAK is awesome :))

We start somewhere around 10am. Since it is school holidays, the crowd are really big.
We join trip no 3. Top of the world. Sorry iman. Again, stay with nenek. Hehehe
First path was walking through the stair case for about 500 metres. Then goes down and the challenge is about to start.

We lucky enough as i bring 2 bodyguard :p The crowd is huge about 60 pax and it really takes time to wait for others. For half of the trip we follow these 2 unpaid guard. Haha
And join another small group with their professional guard of course. We never been here, so don't expect we hustler enough to know the path ya :p

A day package. 
We choose Top of the world (wet)

Additional activity 

Prove! :p 

with tax people. Haha

Unpaid guard :p

Huuu..blur pix 

We made it! at the finishing gate

The shock moment while we captured picture at the finishing gate. Suddenly a voice from behind 'Beri laluan! Beri laluan!' There are 3 firemen carried something that very long.
When I turned, its a COBRA!! Oh my, lucky we save. Alhamdulillah.

Very greeny right? I like. hehe.

OK. till next trip ya :)

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