Thursday, December 12, 2013

Other points of view

Manage to go to one of company store in east malaysia doing some stock check.

What item? Tensioner.skunk. clevis eye. Ball eye. Bla.bla.bla.boring? Yup. Those can't be eaten :p

What I want to share is not the item. But the people who work here. I mean the foreigners.

They all men & not from here. & I believe they have family too that far away from their sights.  Hmm..just to feed their families,  they sacrifies the love that they have. It's a life but its pathetic, men..

Talk to one of them, he show me his baby & wife picture. Tell me how he miss them.
Me: (with impress & proud face) Ahh.. how loyal he is..though different religion & his family far away, it didn't mean he can cheat even he can.

They can see their families only once a year maybe @ never. But the intuition and determination make them work harder. I saw them carry those heavy thing & at their face I can see a lot of responsibility they carry.

But me, only a few days left my baby are about going mad mommy at site. -..-

How l can be that not grateful??  I don't know. But after see them, it make me change a little bit of cranky in me.

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