Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i don't understand

Situation 1:
One tyre spoil, rim bent a bit.
Wife          : i want to change a tyre, ketuk the rim a bit.money so constrain now.
Husband    : OK

Situation 2:
Husband   : I changed 4 tyre together with 4 new rim
Wife         : What?? i told you to bla..bla..bla...
                  no money....bla bla bla....
                 better get me gold ring..bla..bla..bla..

Situation 3:
After saw the rim, inside the car
Wife       : Tak chantek pun ..(still pot pet pot pet the same thing)
Husband : (quiet n just keep smiling)

Situation 4:
Wife's brothers came house for PS2 session
Wife       : Ah...so good..come help us bring the old tyre upstairs.
Brothers : ok

Situation 5:
After saw the rim
Brothers  : OMG, chantek wooo...i like it! i want it! nice nice nice
Husband  : (still keep smiling)
Wife        : !#$%*@

do you understand what am i trying to say? No?

WHATEVER...you must be A MAN!!


SuhanaSamsuddin. said...

hahahaha , cun sangat ke rim tu ? meh tayang sikit. kahkahkah.. :P

~yna~ said...

ntah..tnye r udin n papud..hnye mereka je yg memahami..huhuhu

ShinchanZ said...

still smiling